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I will introduce myself as an humble "Christ follower" who's mere existence is to be fully conformed to the express image, visage and likeness of The Son of God Jesus Christ my Savior.

My days are filled with His generous Holy Spirit's presence and there is "No other life worth mentioning or living" but unto and in Him. Christ is my exclusive study, identity, drive, motive for all of this current life and on into eternity in Heaven.

And all the remaining days that He graces me to draw breath I will be ardently after Him and His Image until only His image, character and likeness ceaselessly remains in my born again spirit and all of my life.

God our Heavenly Father be eternally praised for His indescribable, supernatural Eternal Life Gifting of Salvation made available exclusively through "The Perfect Sin Sacrifice and Holy obedience of Jesus Christ my Lord and forever King!!!


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